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His sculptures often depict Japan's native birds and wildlife. Her birds have a presence—they are watchful, preying, observant, there. Rosen is inspired by Egyptian funerary art it shows and Asian calligraphy. This exhibition is a mix of 2-D and 3-D work, plus a mix of material glass, stone, ink, paper, etc. Through Sun July 7 UW Center For Urban Horticulture Carletta Carrington Wilson: field notes This mixed-media collagist evokes the inventive languages used by enslaved black Americans who were forbidden from reading, writing, and gathering.

But under the leadership of Kevin Kauer with photography from Roman Robinson , Nark has captured much of the Seattle underground like no one else has. They are perfect archives of blissed out Seattle club kid moments. The duo is moving to New Orleans at the end of June, but Kook will be creating a final installation at Virago Gallery. Innovative, inspiring. Pike St, Suite B.

Seattle ghostgalleryshop.

July Alicia Lisa Brown: Paintings Brown interprets the concept of mimicry in the context of post-colonial Caribbean culture and contemporary art, particularly the imitation of the dominant culture and of the upper classes. She works with motifs of collars, hair, pearls, spoons, lace, and canes. Each figure in the group has a removable head that can be swapped with an animal one bear, warthog, etc. And the Roman goddess of the hunt, Diana, is depicted with gold hoops and pubes to match. There is guaranteed to be more fantastic, wild, diverse work than you can take in over one day, so plan for more.

Turner, an English Romantic painter of the 18th to 19th century whose expressive use of color was taken as evidence of madness by some critics.

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June Monster Hot Air Grab a balloon! Each one has a rolled-up sketch by a local artist hidden inside. Through Thurs Oct 3 Olympic Sculpture Park Rally for SAM: The Gala Dinner At this extremely fancy fundraising party, spend some quality drinking time at artist-designed bars amidst some of the rarest cars on earth before dinner in the pavilion. Sat July 20 Summer at SAM: Thursdays and Saturdays in the Park Family-friendly arts programming throughout the park includes yoga, zumba, tours, shows, workshops, and food.

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July Aug 22 SAM Remix A recurring and ever- changing art party that includes performances, tours, and dancing, all inspired by their current special exhibit Victorian Radicals. An accompanying test on August 10, co-hosted by the History Museum and Tacoma Art Museum, will feature dancing, drumming, a fashion show, vendors, and more. Designers were asked to take into account environmental and societal trends that will affect the fashion industry in years to come.

Anthony and Frederick Douglass will attest. Anthony and Douglass hung out on weekends at a farm in Rochester, New York, for several decades. While both civil rights leaders supported voting rights for women and black men, they butted heads on timing. Anthony thought women should get the right to vote before black men.

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Douglass thought men would grant women suffrage, but only after black men got to vote. Directed by John Kazanjian. A year-old woman, Una, arrives unexpectedly at the office of Ray, the man with whom she had a sexual relationship 15 years earlier. Ray has embarked upon a new life, but Una is beset by rage, confusion, trauma, and her past feelings. Staged by Fantastic.

Z Theatre. His straight teammates have a lot to say about it, and they mostly do so while barely covered in towels, a sartorial situation where homophobia and hypocrisy are so often laid bare. In addition to being a hilarious exploration of masculinity, the play also offers an opportunity for the audience to take part in a drinking game based on ball puns.


How you could pass that up, I do not know. Reed has to figure out how to raise a kid, maintain a relationship with her new husband, and build a burgeoning movement, all while the culture at large conspires against her at every turn. Chicago Sun-Times critic Hedy Weiss had a different take, which led to an uproar in the theater world. When Lieu was young, her mom died two hours into a tummy tuck operation. The surgeon was charged with medical negligence, and her family struggled to move on from the loss. The show features two actors and a chorus, which, as in all the Greek tragedies, represents the figure of the general populace.

In this case, a rotating cast of local community choirs will play the chorus. The shooting in the play, according to a favorable review in the New York Times, was inspired by the racist terrorism of Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in As you might guess, both of these plays are set in bars, with folks finding comradery and conflict among strangers. We go to both spaces to hear great stories, to laugh and sometimes cry, and to share an experience, whether with friends or complete strangers. Often, we accidentally expose our vulnerability and desperation.

According to her fellow writer David Greig, the title refers to am, when Kane would regularly wake up in the throes of anguish. Copious will stage the play with video projection and sound design; they give a content warning for discussion of suicide and self-harm. As always, food is served that complements the themes of the show. Young Bulrusher feels out of place in her very white town, where the whimsical dialect of Boontling is spoken.

But things change when she meets a newcomer—a black girl from Alabama. The high-pressure nature of the event produces an evening of surprising theater for audience members, who arrive in their seats charged with expectation and anxiety for the performers. Expect shit to get weird.

This homage to Afropunk and spaghetti westerns will be directed by Lava Alapai. He earned a Stranger Genius Award in , shortly after the premiere of his play Threesome, about an Egyptian American couple who set out to spice up their sex life by inviting an absolute doofus of a white guy into their bedroom.

Much of it is narrated by a translator who shows Jonathan around and gets many English words wrong, hilariously. Watch a one-hour, four-player park-set production by GreenStage. Chris Shea will direct. Various locations around Puget Sound, free Shakespeare in the Park: The Taming of the Shrew You know the deal with this play: One sister is terrible, full of opinions and feelings, and the other one is perfect, pretty, and agreeable. Will the awful one become more like her sister?

Can a man succeed in breaking her spirit? Director Jennifer Crooks will take on the task of making the play palatable to modern audiences at this outdoor production by GreenStage. Aesop and discovers his factory of fablemakers. This theatrical adaptation is based on the Disney Broadway musical.

This is a family affair. There was Woodstock. The Julia Child Operetta Lovers of light opera and cake will enjoy this operetta about Julia Child making cake as well as other treats including a slice of cake, included in the ticket price. Twenty years later, is there a possibility of reconciliation?

Bright Star won a Drama Desk award and was nominated for a Grammy. Even when Pearl Harbor is bombed and the country gears up for war, they swear loyalty to their visions. The 5th Avenue Theatre over three decades in one of the most fascinating parts of Seattle. The producers say, u lndy Jones dutifully denies that the Crystal Skull ever even happened. Some events will be free and all-ages. The focus is on innovation and diversity— expect to be inspired and occasionally unnerved. Lovers of the art of movement should make this event a priority. The opening party on September 13 will sport food, drink, multimedia, and performances.