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    Problems with children, aged parents, interfering parents, ex-partners, dogs and over sexed brothers make the story funny, witty, sad, touching and sometimes quite scarily real. I came to really care about the characters and when we find out what Michelle's past is really about, I defy any reader not to shed a tear. I can quite honestly say that this is one of the best novels I have read. All the personal and family life details combined with the luscious memories of books that I have read and loved make this novel something really special.

    Jul 18, Claire rated it liked it. All the delightful wallowing in books - especially the kids books - was really great and totally up my alley, and I also really enjoyed that the author did a great job showing an existing relationship and how both parties had to work at it, rather than just building a new relationship or having it need to be blown up and replaced. One POV character was raped as a teenager and this comes out in the latter part of the book. It's described in flashback, so please be aware of this if you are reading and may need this warning.

    I didn't enjoy that narrative arc at all and I think the book would have been better off without it. I finished the book and largely enjoyed it, but the last quarter or so were definitely far tougher going. I did at least enjoy it enough to give the author another try and see if her other books can avoid the issues I had with this one. View all 3 comments.

    I guess I could pin that down to reading 2 books in a row by the same author, but I know it had nothing to do with it. I identified a lot with Michelle, yet I feel like I never really broke down the walls she built up around herself.

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    Oh, the irony is not lost on me, believe me. I felt a huge sympathy for Anna. No wonder she feels like an appendix to the family. But I think both storylines were bogged down by too much domestic drama, two unplanned pregnancies really? That always puts a smile on my face. This was definitely a more character than doggie-driven book. She did both so well in Walking Back to Happiness. Mar 22, Amy rated it liked it Shelves: Ending is a bit abrupt and a little too "happily ever after".

    I was expecting a little more fireworks at the end. While I like kids books, the references were a bit too much of it for my tastes. I have a 9 year old daughter and sorry, in today's world, they just aren't enthralled with Little Women and neither was I 40 years ago.

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    There are many many amazing books written by wonderful children's authors today and the March sisters just aren't relatable. Seems to me that I wanted Rory and Anna together even though I knew that would not happen. Lot of stuff going on. She had to have something bad but nothing that could have been Michelle's fault. Many unlikable family charcters and I don't think I liked the way she wrapped them up. I wanted them to get their due a bit.

    View all 7 comments. Apr 09, Amanda rated it liked it.