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By the time of the seventh issue in June , three years from the first volume, having proved to be a self-funding success, the publication changed.

Along the way, Jim Baen had agreed to try another experiment, and brought out volume 1 in print as a paperback. No longer were issues serialized in three installments, the form of the promotional Baen Webscriptions value packs, but began coming out as a single ebook at a much greater regularity. By volume 10, the magazine had hit a regular publication rate of one issue every other month released the first day of odd numbered months, and migrated from being an offering within Baen's catalog of offerings where they are still listed as ebooks to having a subscription system administered and accessed from its own website.

It is particularly notable [ citation needed ] in that is composed of short fiction which has spawned no less than three best sellers in an age when the market for short fiction anthologies is very poor. In addition, the Grantville Gazettes have served as the source of new ideas and relationships which energize the popular series and find their way into the novels of the series.

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Beginning in early , the Gazette's publishers added an on-line web based edition published quarterly and changed the paper series to an annual "best of" volume. Additionally, the publishers switched to paying full professional rates instead of the semi-pro rates that had been paid. The electronically published Grantville Gazettes are now reaching long novel length with regularity, and now make up the majority of the series for the foreseeable future. Because of a soft market for anthologies, it is not anticipated that most of the Gazettes will reach print, save perhaps as a "Best of" type of collection, despite the publication of the first four in hardcopy.

The various authors featured in the Gazettes are part of Flint's online experiment Phase II in developing a milieu with input from many others on the webforum Baen's Bar.

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The Tech Manual oldstyle: ' Tech' sub-section of the Bar focuses on reproducing modern technology in 17th century. The Slushpile forum is where authors first submit to a tough peer review process. Once critical readers have deemed the nascent story worthy, the work passes to an editorial board, which also considers how the work will fit into and impact the milieu as currently planned out and plotted.

Some stories have thus served as the genesis of their own universe sub-series or plot thread. This is chaired by Eric Flint, who retains veto power over all work in the verse, and Eric then decides in which issue or volume of the Gazette the story should be allocated. Authors get paid a sub-professional rate upon the acceptance of the work, and additional financial remuneration and considerations when the anthology reaches print at a later time.

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The Gazettes thus contain short stories based in the world of Flint's series , as well as articles about the restrictions on technology available in the time-stranded town and the plausibility of items and redeveloped technology within the milieu of the multiverse. The latter essays are written by members based on findings and results from a more formal subset of contributor-advisors known as the Technical board.

Part of this group also sits on the Editorial Board. The impact of individual stories in the Grantville Gazettes will likely never be truly known, because even the bad ones have shaped the action, commentary, and thought on the web-forums Tech and Comments. Even those that fail to meet the final test of espousing ' canon ' developments in the neohistory have influenced later written works, including those by Flint, who is the final determiner as the sole person involved in each work in the milieu of what is acceptable canon.

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Considered one way, each story written has the ability of setting a new Point of divergence , affecting various storylines. Several fan-written stories have suggested major plotlines, even before the concept of the Grantville Gazettes eMagazine experiment was approved by Jim Baen.

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Those stories were published alongside established writers in the Ring of Fire , and according to Flint, affected other main plotlines like The Ram Rebellion. Other Gazette stories have filled in important gaps in terms of economics, sociology, and technology: "The Sewing Circle" deals with four precocious teen friends and their stubborn insistence on making adult contributions. When they succeed, they establish a model for uptimers starting downtime businesses, setting an example that ripples through Grantville.

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