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Resolution 10 AthexClear - Securities clearing system fees Resolution 6 Risk management in the securities system and other related issues Resolution 5 Risk management procedures in the Derivatives System and other relates issues Resolution 8 Default Management Committee Resolution 11 Clearing-related technical procedures Read More. Ongentheow disables him, and is thereupon slain by Eofor. This means: From the obligations of clientage, my friend Beowulf, and for assistance thou hast sought us.

The first passage v. The second passage v.

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Translate then: Wouldst let the South-Danes themselves decide about their struggle with Grendel. With such collateral support as that afforded by B. The idiom above treated runs through A. The translation may be indicated as follows: Just as it is sad for an old man to see his son ride young on the gallows when he himself is uttering mournful measures, a sorrowful song, while his son hangs for a comfort to the raven, and he, old and infirm, cannot render him any kelp— he is constantly reminded, etc. Several discrepancies and other oversights have been noticed in the H.

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  • Of these a good part were avoided by Harrison and Sharp, the American editors of Beowulf, in their last edition, The rest will, I hope, be noticed in their fourth edition. As, however, this book may fall into the hands of some who have no copy of the American edition, it seems best to notice all the principal oversights of the German editors. Forgeaf hilde-bille See H. Wunde Beowulf leaves Dane-land. Hrothgar weeps and laments at his departure. Heyne, M. Paderborn, Wackerbarth, A. The famous race of Spear-Danes. Long did rule them. Soothly to tell us, they in halls who reside, 4.

    God had perceived the malice-caused sorrow which they, lordless, had formerly long endured. Beowulf succeeds his father Scyld In the boroughs then Beowulf, bairn of the Scyldings,. Then the mighty war-spirit 1 endured for a season,. A foe in the hall-building: this horrible stranger 2.

    Who 3 dwelt in the moor-fens, the marsh and the fastness;. Grendel attacks the sleeping heroes When the sun was sunken, he set out to visit. Asleep after supper; sorrow the heroes, 1. Endless agony; hence it after 3 became. Since God did oppose him, not the throne could he touch, 5.


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    God wished to make his visit fatal to him. Hrothgar sees no way of escape from the persecutions of Grendel. Heard in his home: 1 of heroes then living. Nesses enormous : they were nearing the limits. At the end of the ocean. No low-ranking fellow 4 adorned with his weapons,. Another, that adopted by S. A third is: B. The H.

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    The reading adopted by H. Translate : What warriors are ye, clad in armor, who have thus come bringing the foaming vessel over the water way, hither over the seas? For some time on the wall I have been coast guard, etc. Beowulf courteously replies. The chief of the strangers rendered him answer,.

    If the anguish of sorrow should ever be lessened, 1. Firmly at anchor ; the boar-signs glistened 2. This is supported by t. The highway glistened with many-hued pebble,. Hrothgar remembers Beowulf as a youth, and also remembers his father. Hrothgar answered, helm of the Scyldings:. Who valuable gift-gems of the Geatmen 1 carried. Hasten to bid them hither to speed them, 2.


    Foes I escaped from, where five 3 I had bound,. Boldly to swallow 4 them, as of yore he did often.

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    A head-watch to give me; 5 he will have me dripping. And dreary with gore, if death overtake me, 6. Find me my food. Wood suggests: Thou wilt not have to bury so much as my head for Grendel will be a thorough undertaker ,—grim humor. This would make no essential change in the translation.

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    In our translation, H. This agrees substantially with B. Hrothgar responds. Hrothgar discoursed, helm of the Scyldings:. Sit at the feast now, thy intents unto heroes, 2. Unferth, a thane of Hrothgar, is jealous of Beowulf, and undertakes to twit him. Unferth spoke up, Ecglaf his son,. Opened the jousting the journey 1 of Beowulf,. But me did it fortune 1 to fell with my weapon. A fight was determined, 2 since the light of the sun they.

    Hrothgar retires. Then Hrothgar departed, his earl-throng attending him,. No battle-skill 1 has he, that blows he should strike me,. He angrily bided the issue of battle. The latter takes the passage as meaning that Grendel, though mighty and formidable, has no skill in the art of war. With all deference to this acute scholar, I must say that it seems to me that the poet is exhausting his resources to bring out clearly the supreme event on which the whole subsequent action turns.

    First, he Grendel came in the wan night ; second, he came from the moor ; third, he came to the hall. Time, place from which, place to which, are all given. Grendel comes from the fens. Hardier hero, hall-thanes 1 more sturdy!