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Fear, anger, and mistrust from communities toward returning women and children runs deep in every setting, often with deadly consequences. Government meanwhile must protect and ensure justice for their citizens, while ensuring due process, dignity, and adherence to human rights laws for these returnees. They also tackle the ideologies that fostered extremism, offering alternative narratives that reject violence and intolerance. Yet these organizations remain largely excluded from national plans to prevent and counter violent extremism.

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This isolates them and inhibits their ability to reintegrate. It also heightens their vulnerability to re-recruitment into extremist groups, which co-opt them with offers of support and belonging.

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They tap into ideology and identity to provide a sense of purpose, meaning and belonging that vulnerable women and girls are missing in their lives. Governments must also address the misogyny, injustice and deficit in dignity that women experience in their own societies.

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Otherwise there is a continued risk of women being drawn to the messages of violent extremist groups. Programming must help them earn livelihoods, which can prevent them from being pressured into joining or rejoining extremist groups. They have pioneered effective, holistic response programmes that tackle psychosocial, economic, and ideological needs—but remain excluded from national and local programming and vulnerable to security risks.

Nika Saeedi has over 19 years of experience in policy development, programme design and management, and partnership building on women, peace and security. Home Blog 'Invisible' women; when home is not a sanctuary. Posted on January 9, 'Invisible' women; when home is not a sanctuary.

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Stranger things have and will happen! Not suitable for those with faint hearts!

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