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Many characters were people of colour.

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The relationships in the different stories are usually between a human and a supernatural being. Overall, most of the stories are really fluffy and cute so be warned! Although some had a darker tint. What I like about this anthology are two things: its general cuteness and its queerness. There is a lot of representation for people out of the gender binary spectrum. This book is like a safe space, to enjoy a story rather than who is in the story.

The Little Sisters of The Holy Vessel is a short story about an order of nuns that administer exorcisms. In particular, readers are introduced to Sister Teresa and Sister Elizabeth. The sisters have traveled to a small village to assist Father Gregory with a recent crime that he believes will require a spiritual interrogation. At first, nothing seems odd about the nuns. They are dutiful with religious and cultural etiquette. First off, Little Sisters is erotic, which augments the relationship between the characters, as well as the banishment of evil. The erotic is more than sexual.

It exists in several layers.

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And it started with this sentence:. Sparing the details, I asked myself why is it necessary for these women to use their vessels in such a risky way? Arguably, they are asked to sacrifice their sanctity. Do their actions convey that women are powerful beyond measure? Which, ultimately, saves men. If the tables were turned and male clergy were responsible for the exorcism, how would the climatic event in this story change?

To me, it would be much different. There are times when the erotic can be liberating. There are times when the sexuality and the erotic gaze are self-serving and only maintain sexist ideals. I feel that Little Sisters walks a fine line. The story is well written, but where and if readers teeter along this line is subjective, of course. I would have liked for Cross to allow the nuns to address two of my lingering questions: first, who are they protecting, and second, do they feel their holy vessel is the only way?

As a reviewer, I rarely feel the need to strike an iron hammer by recommending or not recommending a read. Little Sisters is story for those who enjoy short stories and want to venture into an old world, erotic, and paranormal read featuring religious women that boldly face demons. Lauren Cherelle uses her time and talents to traverse imaginary and professional worlds. You can find Lauren online at Twitter , www.

Then, Lucia breaks up with her boyfriend. Then, she gets back together with her boyfriend. Which was even worse. I was gonna—wash his clothes and fix him pies and shit. He pulled. She bit.

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The skin gave and his blood flooded her mouth. It was cold and thick, knotted like old cough syrup. She swallowed and felt it all the way down her esophagus, cold and heavy. Out in the hallway, she gasped so hard she nearly dropped the tray. The patches of fungus went up the stairs. One for each step Lucia had taken. Seb starts off as comic relief, a FunnyForeigner from Romania. This is always a fraught trope, and I have mixed feelings about how Kaplan uses it here.

Seb puts himself in danger to save Mindy, so he has agency in his own death. That is, however, a quibble. Primary menu Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Which is when I found these books. Normal job, normal almost-girlfriend, normal But all bets are off when she and her centaur best friend Chet find themselves in the middle of a magical conspiracy.

Will Julie and Chet be able to save their friends? Is Julie's dogged determination to be normal a lost cause? Who's going to watch the coffee shop while our heroes are out saving the world?? Issue 1 was a delightful exercise in world-building, with character introductions and little bits of plot underscored by various creatures and magical happenings in the background. Julie, the wolfy one, is at the beginning of a relationship and, though we haven't yet met the lady of her affection, I'm already shipping them.

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Chet, a punny centaur with an ambiguous gender identity, appears to be crushing hard on a minotaur who comes in for coffee regularly. There's also a book-within-a-book, which is total catnip for me. It's as if the creators sat down, said "what are the best things in the world?

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The art is fittingly adorable and the storyline so far is a mix of humor, pathos, and warm fuzzies. It is 17th century France, the age of discovery and scientific revolution. Sulvain, a mysterious traveler, is absorbed in the Parisian academic scene. Through his friendship with the renowned Christiaan Huygens, Sulvain has the chance to study the latest discoveries of the distant cosmos. Deep in the library of Academy of Sciences, however, our traveler will meet Huygen's apprentice--Raziol Quamar--who will truly spark new lights in Sulvain's universe.

But as the two grow closer, trouble brews in the city. NOVAE is a beautiful comic. I would have kept reading this all day had I not run out of content. It's that kind of lovely. I have a limited knowledge and interest, tbh in astronomy, but the building relationship between Sulvain and Raziol has got me hooked. Sulvain is mute, leaving the two to supplement their written conversation with a lot of facial expressions and touch. Long glances, subtle blushes, awkward excuses The story so far is centered around Raziol's study of Saturn's rings, a presentation, and a stargazing interlude.

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With humor, mystery, and a hint of something magical, this story will draw readers in and keep them there. We're offering ten tales of fantastic fornication, written and illustrated by some of the most talented women in comics.

Blue is having a hard time moving on. When I finally snagged it back and immersed myself in the beautiful, eerie world that Keezy Young created, I completely understood the 6 year old's urge to read it over and over.

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If, like me, you don't love horror but do love Halloween, this book is perfect for the season. There's a lot of eeriness to be had, particularly when Blue the ghostie starts being pulled through the veil. Said eeriness is balanced with beautiful verdant plant imagery and a sweet love story that transcends the limits of space and physical vitality. You'll notice that I let my 6 year old read it - it's definitely something you can give to kids to read. There's a kiss, there's a bit of spooky, and some peril at one point, but it's very cute and the ghosties are kids and teens.

As for the art, you can get a pretty clear idea of Keezy Young's style based on the cover. This is a nice compilation.


I see a few titles I might like to pick up later. Thanks for the list!! Dec 03, PM. You're welcome. I haven't read everything on here. But, When I run across any I'll add them. They seem rather rare. Dec 15, PM. I'm curious why someone added some of these. But it's possible I have a faulty memory. Dec 22, AM.

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