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The Iron Duke

How can I find fulfilled by Souq offers? But Blacky's always got an angle, and this time it's as audacious as they come. He'll hide in plain sight, impersonating the crowned head of a Balkan kingdom. He'll become The Iron Duke.

Can he pull it off? Win the love of a country … and of a beautiful woman? All Blacky has to do is risk everything—and, for once in his life, find a way to do the right thing. We had the drawing and the name came from there. Created by mating a production FE block with low-riser heads, a GT cam, The Super Cobra Jet used a different crank and rods, and it added an engine-oil cooler among other tweaks.

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As the FE-series engine began to age, both names and a new variant, the Cobra Jet Ram-Air, would be applied to high-performance versions of Ford's series cubic-inch engine for use in the Mustang and the Torino. Pontiac Super Duty V As the muscle-car era was coming to a whimpering halt under the weight of stringent emissions standards and the ever-increasing costs of insurance and fuel, Pontiac made one last stab at big-block glory with its purposefully named Super Duty V Ushered past the bean counters and into production on the back of engineering enthusiasm and little else, the SD debuted in the Firebird with net horsepower and lb-ft of torque.

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Although ultimately less powerful than the original team had hoped at the time, GM limited compression ratios to 8. Some enthusiasts have claimed to have massaged up to horsepower out of the block—after a sizable cash infusion, of course. Only an estimated SDs were built in its two runs in and , its relative exclusivity ensuring mythical status. Curiously, some sets of SD-specific parts reportedly disappeared from the manufacturing facility before they could be assembled, virtually guaranteeing the legacy of the SD would stretch far beyond its reality. So enduring is the impact of the Pontiac Super Duty that Australian rock group Radio Birdman paid it tribute in their literally titled composition, "SD.

Dodge Max Wedge V Max Wedge—just hearing the name makes you want to clench your jaw and pummel something with a blunt object.

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Offered in Plymouth and Dodge models in the spring of , the cubic-inch Max Wedge V-8 looks exactly like its name implies: large, solid, and, thanks largely to the wide and low cross-ram intake plenum resting between the canted valve covers, vaguely wedgelike. Brandishing a pair of four-barrel carbs and a set of imposing, upswept cast-iron headerlike exhaust manifolds, the Max Wedge produced gross horsepower. With the horsepower race in full swing, Chrysler sent the Max Wedge back to the millwright with instructions to bore the cylinders just enough to reach cubic inches of displacement.

For its final performance before the vaunted Hemi would steal the spotlight, Chrysler released the Series III Max Wedge, which offered improved cylinder heads and camshaft profiles for even more power. Buick Nailhead V Although the Nailhead story begins about a decade before the muscle-car era got up to full speed, without it, Buick's torque-rich "Wildcat" engines of the s might never have seen the light of day.

Due to the comparatively small valves required to fit in the V-8's nearly vertical cylinder-head orientation, mechanics, hot rodders, and even engineers within GM began to refer to the valves as nails, which eventually led to the "Nailhead" nickname. Never one to let a good marketing opportunity get away, Buick touted the "Vertical Valve" arrangement in promotional materials as providing more torque than traditional valve arrangements.

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Buick Wildcat V When the second-gen Nailhead-based cubic-inch "Wildcat" engines started appearing in the early s, Buick was so proud of its torquey V-8s that it chose to eschew the more traditional method of using horsepower or cubic-inch figures to identify an engine. Instead, its Wildcat "" and "" callouts referenced torque output. First-gen Nailhead pictured.

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Chevrolet Turbo-Fire V Today, a "turbo fire" is what happens when your tight bro Zack totally rails on his hella-sick Civic; in an aerospace-obsessed postwar America, it implied that the future was indeed now. Perhaps that's why Chevrolet chose the Turbo-Fire tag when it launched its revolutionary and not turbocharged small-block V-8 in Of all the engines on this list, none can boast the longevity or flexibility of the legendary Chevy small-block V Embraced by the performance community, the small-block was almost immediately subjected to shade-tree re-engineering projects, with daring enthusiasts poking, prodding, stroking, boring, and force-feeding it in a noble quest for horsepower.

Chevrolet Small-Block V