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Publication date: Apr Availability: available. Susan Swartz Author.


Susan Swartz is the author and coauthor of four books. Her columns on outspoken women and boomer angst are distributed around the country by the New York Times News Service. Her work has appeared in More and other magazines. Her first book, Read more. Juicy Tomatoes.

What a relief to realize that there are so many gutsy and brave women over fifty who have turned life's detours and challenges into grand opportunities through their amazing resourcefulness and creativity. These passionate and daring risk takers are a joyful testimony to the new possibilities of womanhood.

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The lives of so-called 'ordinary women' are woven into the most extraordinary tapestry of good advice and celebration of joyful living. Resonating throughout every story is the profoundness of Eleanor Roosevelt's message, 'You must do the thing you think you cannot do. No more excuses! I'm gonna get out there and LIVE! I would be happy to call any one of the women in this book, 'Sister.

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