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After Baldwin and Judith had evaded his attempts to capture them, Charles had his bishops excommunicate the couple. Their plea was successful and Charles was forced to accept. The marriage took place on 13 December in Auxerre. By Baldwin had acquired the lay-abbacy of St. Pieter in Ghent and is assumed to have also acquired the counties of Flanders and Waas, or parts thereof by this time.

Baldwin developed himself as a very faithful and stout supporter of Charles and played an important role in the continuing wars against the Vikings. He is named in as one of those willing to support the emperor's son, Louis the Stammerer. During his life Baldwin expanded his territory into one of the major principalities of Western Francia , he died in and was buried in the Abbey of Saint-Bertin, near Saint-Omer. The couple's first son was named Charles after his maternal grandfather, but he died young.

His third son Raoul Rodulf c. In they attacked Vermandois and captured Arras , Saint-Quentin and Peronne , but later that year Raoul was captured by count Heribert and killed. Widnille, Countess of Flanders 71 was born about in Flanders Belgium. Raoul, Count of Cambrai was born about and died in about age Death Notes: Murdered after capture by Count Heribert.

Another name for Louis was Louis "the Stammerer. He succeeded his younger brother in Aquitaine in and his father in West Francia in , though he was never crowned Emperor. Twice married, he and his first wife, Ansgarde of Burgundy , had two sons: Louis born in and Carloman born in , both of whom became kings of France , and two daughters: Hildegarde born in and Gisela , who married Robert, Count of Troyes.

With his second wife, Adelaide of Paris , he had one daughter, Ermentrude - who was the mother of Cunigunde, wife of the Count Palatine Wigerich of Bidgau ; they were the ancestors of the House of Luxemburg -, and a posthumous son, Charles the Simple , who would become, long after his elder brothers' deaths, king of France.

The pope may even have offered the imperial crown, but it was declined. Louis the Stammerer was said to be physically weak and outlived his father by only two years. He had relatively little impact on politics. He was described "a simple and sweet man, a lover of peace, justice, and religion". His final act was to march against the Vikings who were then the scourge of Europe. He fell ill and died on 10 April or 9 April not long after beginning his final campaign.

On his death, his realms were divided between his two sons, Carloman and Louis. Louis married Adelaide, of Paris , 43 72 daughter of Adelhard, of Paris and Unknown, between and Ermentrude, of France 73 was born in Has name as Hubert I. Marriage and issue He married Bertha de Morvois. They had the following: Herbert II of Vermandois c.

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Cunigunde of Vermandois d. Bertha was born about in Namur, Namur, Belgium. Another name for Bertha was Beatrice of Morvois. Quentin, Picardy, France. Cunigunde de Vermandois died in Adele, of Vermandois. Berenger de Vermandois, Count of Bayeaux. Bertha married Adalbert, Marquis of Tuscany 25 in Death Notes: Ancestral Roots , Line has d. He stands at the head of the clan of Reginarids , an important Lotharingian noble family.

He was the son of Gilbert , Count of the Maas gau , and a daughter of Lothair I of whom the name is not known Hiltrude, Bertha, Irmgard, and Gisela are good candidates. He succeeded his father in the Maasgau and was the lay abbot of Echternach between and , of Maastricht from before May , and of Stablo and Malmedy between and He, as Duke of Hesbaye and Hainault , and Radbold led a Frisian army with against the forces of Rollo a little later, but were forced back to his fortresses.

In an capitulary from Quierzy , he appears alongside his father as one of the regents of the kingdom during Charles the Bald 's absence on campaign in Italy. A Reginar appears at the Siege of Paris in , but this may be an uncle or nephew. Reginar was originally a supporter of Zwentibold in , but he broke with the king in He and some other magnates who had been key to Zwentibold's election three years earlier then took the opportunity provided by the death of Odo of West Francia to invite Charles the Simple to become king in Lotharingia. His lands were confiscated, but he refused to give them up and entrenched himself at Durfost , downstream from Maastricht.

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Zwentibold was killed by the rebels in battle in August At first, Louis appeared to be opposed to Reginar when he appointed Gebhard as his deputy in Lotharingia, but the two were never at war. In , Reginar recuperated the Hainault after the death of Sigard. Then, after the death of Gebhard in , in battle with the Magyars , Reginar appears as his successor.

He was given the title marchio by Charles in He never appears as the Duke of Lorraine, but he was definitely the military commander of the region under Charles. He himself was succeeded by his son Gilbert ; however, the Reginarids did not succeed in establishing their supremacy in Lotharingia like the Liudolfings or Liutpoldings did in the duchies of Saxony and Bavaria. Reginar married Alberade. Other names for Alberade were Hersent and Hersinda. Research Notes: 2nd wife of Reginar I.

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Balderic, Bishop of Utrecht. Frederick, Archbishop of Mainz 86 died in Oct He was a son of Reginar, Duke of Lorraine. Immediately, Frederick acted as an opponent of Otto the Great , one of the most consistent opponents he faced. He was imprisoned in Hammelburg for a while.

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He plotted with Henry to assassinate Otto in Easter in Quedlinburg , but they were discovered and put in captivity in Ingelheim , being released and pardoned only after doing penance at Christmas of that year. Frederick refused to accompany Otto to Italy in Abandoned by the Lorrainers and without Henry's support this time, the rebels were easily crushed and punished.

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Frederick tried to distance himself from the fighting, but died before anything could come to him. Ranulf died in He was also hereditary abbot of St. Bertin from till his death. The early years of Baldwin's rule were marked by a series of devastating Viking raids. Little north of the Somme was untouched. Baldwin recovered, building new fortresses and improving city walls, and taking over abandoned property, so that in the end he held far more territory, and held it more strongly, than had his father. He also took advantage of the conflicts between Charles the Simple and Odo, Count of Paris to take over the Ternois and the Boulonnias.

The marriage was motivated by the common Flemish-English opposition to the Vikings, and was the start of an alliance that was a mainstay of Flemish policy for centuries to come. He died at Blandimberg and was succeeded by his eldest son Arnulf I of Flanders. His younger son Adalulf was the first count of Boulogne. They had the following: Arnulf I of Flanders c. Albert d. Death Notes: Ancestral Roots has d. She had four or five siblings, including King Edward the Elder and Ethelfleda.

One of their descendants, Matilda of Flanders d. Adalulf, Count of Boulogne 95 was born about and died in about age Another name for Widnille was Widinile Countess of Flanders. Research Notes: Husband unknown, according to Ancestral Roots line Ermentrude married someone. He was a member of the Carolingian dynasty , the third and posthumous son of Louis the Stammerer by his second wife, Adelaide of Paris. As a child, Charles was prevented from succeeding to the throne at the time of the death in of his half-brother Carloman. The nobles of the realm instead asked his uncle, Charles the Fat , to rule them.

He was also prevented from succeeded the unpopular Charles, who was deposed in November and died in January , although it is unknown if his deposition was accepted or even made known in West Francia before his death. Charles was put under the protection of Ranulf II , the Duke of Aquitaine , who may have tried to claim the throne for him and in the end used the royal title himself until making peace with Odo. Finally, in Charles was crowned by a faction opposed to Odo at Reims Cathedral.

He only became the effectual monarch with the death of Odo in He also gave the Viking his daughter Gisela in marriage. In the same year as the treaty with the Vikings, Louis the Child , the King of Germany , died and the nobles of Lotharingia , who had been loyal to him, under the leadership of Regina Longneck , declared Charles their new king, breaking from Germans who had elected Conrad of Franconia king.

By this time Charles' excessive favouritism towards a certain Hagano had turned the aristocracy against him. He endowed Hagano with monasteries which were already the benefices of other barons, alienating these barons. In Lotharingia he earned the enmity of the new duke, Gilbert , who declared for the German king Henry the Fowler in Robert, who was Odo's brother, was elected by the rebels and crowned in opposition to Charles, who had to flee to Lotharingia.

He returned the next year with a Norman army but was defeated on 15 June near Soissons by Robert, who died in the battle. In the Lotharingians accepted Rudolph as their king.

The return of Charlemagne

Charles died in prison on 7 October and was buried at the nearby abbey of Saint-Fursy. Though he had had many children by Frederuna, it his son by Eadgifu who would eventually be crowned in as Louis IV of France. In the initial aftermath of Charles defeat, Eadgifu and Louis fled to England. Ogiva was born in in Wessex, England and died after Line Charles III has d.

She was born in Wessex. To protect her son's safety Eadgifu took him to England in to the court of her half-brother, Athelstan of England. He stayed there until , when he was called back to France to be crowned King. Eadgifu accompanied him. She retired to a convent in Laon. Murray, pp. Smyth, D. Kirby Routledge, p. ISBN References Lappenberg, Johann ; Benjamin Thorpe, translator Williams, Ann ; Alfred P.

Life He inherited the domain of his father and in , added to it the Saint de Soissons abbey.