Barcarolle No. 3 in G-flat Major, Op. 42

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How to Mill for Profit

The ACM Prime Asphalt-Mixing Plant is perfect for those who have a number of small jobs in varied locations and where frequent transport is required. The Prime also is a great initial acquisition for paving contractors looking to introduce asphalt production into their businesses. The plant excels at specialty mixes, such as those used for paving tennis courts and running tracks.

It is engineered for smaller volumes and therefore produces them efficiently, delivering cost savings in fuel and electrical energy consumption. Recycled asphalt can be utilized with this plant. The entire plant and three cold feeder bins fit on two axles during transport.

When working, its total length is 71 feet, making it a good fit on production sites where space is tight. Entering recipes is done with the click of a mouse.

A flat screen displays the entire plant and process in a simple view. With its ability to function as a shredder, iron separator and screener, the RSS M is essentially a three-in-one machine. Instead, it will be covered with a material made, in part, from recycled plastic bottles.


Technology Key to Ammann Products Showcased at World of Asphalt

The plastic is a key in a new process for street paving: For the first time, the city will be able to grind up the existing road and fully recycle it in place, using the plastic to actually make the pavement stronger than it was before. The company has spent the last several years developing the new system, which uses recycled PET plastic, the material used in plastic water bottles, to replace bitumen—a sludge leftover from oil refining that is used to hold asphalt together.

But the use of plastic makes the road even stronger than it was initially. The strap bites into the side of her neck.

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She tightens her grip on the buckle, puts her thumb on the release. You need to be prepared. After a while, the daughter lets go of the seatbelt. A red welt crosses her palm.

Kings of Asphalt

She opens the door. The scent of moss and fresh buds seeps into the car. Birds chirp, and the nearby spring tinkles its quiet silver laughter. The hot engine settles with pings.

Evotherm Virgin Binder Dosing

Mother and daughter fill the canisters. The mother carries four canisters at a time back to car. The water sloshes behind milky plastic.

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Martina pulls her fingertips out of the cool stream and walks around the car. She puts on her seat belt.