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He almost gives the ticket back. This is a classic example of the "be careful what you wish for" story. The reader needs to be misdirected, to keep him from guessing what could be an obvious ending. That's why Jennifer is so heavily camouflaged with birds.

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If you are reading this aloud, ask the students to raise their hand if they think they know what is about to happen. In the first paragraph, I could have written "fish," but I chose the more specific option of "neon tetras. For young writers, point out that the description in the first sentence does double duty. It not only sets the scene, but establishes that the window is open.

After they realize he must be a vampire, they decide to expose him to sunlight. The power in this story comes from the reader accepting that the characters are correct in their belief. Note the irony at the end when Fang repeats the words the narrator had spoken earlier. When everyone grows fat and stinky, he realizes he needs to go back to the drawing board.

The story illustrates that actions can have unintended consequences. He gives in to his curiosity and asks them. He gets an unexpected answer. We've all seen road crews that seem to be standing around or waiting for something. Stories happen when we ask questions.

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Note the personification in the last line. Ask the students what they do to relax. Ask them if they think there was a real message. Note the combination of made-up words, such as "triskum," and nonsense phrases made from regular words, such as "box the end leapers. Ography " Synopsis: A boy manages to do well in a geography bee, despite having no idea what the answers are.


They could do this for any subject, not just geography. It's a nice way to have them look at knowledge from a different direction. The idea can be expanded to other related things such as chain letters and multi-level marketing. They can also learn that a pyramid scheme is different from a Ponzi scheme.

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The story touches on the concept of doing accurate research and finding relaible sources. The opening paragraph offers a good example of how to give a description through the eyes and ears of a character. The ending is a bit more literary than usual for a Weenies story. They eventually realzxie they made a bad mistake. The story terrifies her. A dozen people have already died What is the disease that is more powerful than an angry elephant, more terrifying than amighty Leopard, more deadly than a roaring Lion? Jungle Doctor Spots a Leopard Fear has gripped the hearts of the villages.


A killer Leopard is moving is moving closer and closer - A leopard which has only four toes on one foot. Old ex chief Madole is also missing a finger Could it be that he is using witchcraft to turn himself into a leopard, seeking revenge.. Jungle Doctor's Crooked Dealings Tension is high as the Jungle Doctor performs some delicate and dangerous operations.

The trouble maker Woga keeps making threats and there is a killer lion on the prowl. What can a little boy with a twisted face and a crooked back and a smiling dog teach them about courage? Jungle Doctor's Enemies Jungle Doctor In Slippery Places. Daudi Matama is worried. His trusted assistant has stolen many hospital supplies and is reportedly working in the blck market near the slipery shores of the forbidden Cooking Pot.

Jungle Doctor's Africa :. Jungle Doctor and his team have their work cut out for them as they tackle meningitis, leprosy and other illnesses. Its just that very often in Africa each new day brings joy and sadness, love and loss. But with the love of Jesus Christ there is always hope. Jungle Doctor on Safari. Yet again the Jungle Doctor is in the thick of a battle for peoples lives. There is so much that good medicine can do to tackle injuries and disease yet local customs and superstition hold back the hospital staff at one mission hospital from saving one womans life. The doctors and nurses have to work in poor operating conditions with very limited equipment and drugs but despite everything other lives are saved!

However, sometimes it seems that everything is going wrong; especially when the old hospital car continues to break down. But throughout it all the Jungle Doctor and his staff know that God answers prayer! Jungle Doctor Meets a Lion. The smell of lion around the campfire warns the Jungle Doctor of danger and when he comes across a trail of blood his fears are confirmed.

Someone has been attacked by Simba, the Lion and is in desperate need of medical treatment. While everyone in the village believes the injured man is as good as dead will the Jungle Doctor save him? Eyes on Jungle Doctor :. Ngwagu who for years has lived in Utitu The Land of Darkness comes to the Jungle Hospital to see what Jungle Doctor could do for him with his instruments of iron. Truly the Bwana has strong medicine for eyes, had said his friends. But Berenge, the witchdoctor had grown rich by his own brand of strong medicine for eyes so strong that it meant almost certain blindness for his patients and he is not letting Ngwagu out of his clutches so easily.

The story tells how his evil deeds at length were thwarted and how Ngwagu found light, not only for his eyes but also for his soul. Jungle Doctor Stings a Scorpion :.

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Another thrilling adventure from Paul White based in Mvumi hospital, Tanzania. Yet again the Jungle Doctor has a battle to fight while trying to save peoples lives. Infections and disease are defeated with medicine and good hygiene but Nje the Witch doctor cooks the stings of Scorpions in his evil potions. Instead of bringing health and joy to his patients he brings sickness, fear and even death.

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However the time comes when the Witchdoctor urgently needs the help of the Jungle Doctor himself. Njes life depends on it.. Jungle Doctor Pulls a Leg. A sudden flash flood brings the Jungle Doctor into some serious trouble as he and a couple of the Mvumi hospital staff go to the rescue of a dangerously ill patient. In the African jungle, short journeys can become life threatening when the weather takes a turn for the worse. But its not only the weather that is against them, there are many other difficulties for the Jungle Doctor to tackle. Even small cuts can become serious infections and infections can lead to sickness, even death if not treated properly.

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However, this time the Jungle Doctor has help at hand with the new flying ambulance and the first radio phone to be operated at Mvumi Mission Hospital. This book will take you into adventures with a missionary doctor in Tanganyika now Tanzania.

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  • The characters experience everyday problems in a jungle sort of way - with hilarious outcomes and practical applications. The Jungle Doctor is in the thick of adventure and danger yet again. This time there is a vicious village to contend with and someone has been stabbed. But with God's help and his answers to prayer the Jungle Doctor and his medical team save lives, and not only that, they are used time and time again to share the real life saving truth of Jesus Christ. The Jungle Doctor has many challenges to deal with - for example running a surgical theatre in the middle of the African Jungle.

    There are urgent operations to perform and life saving surgery needed - but they don't always have all the tools necessary. However, that doesn't stop them. A football, some parts of a stethoscope, an ancient foot pump and an empty pickle bottle provide, for virtually nothing, an anaesthetic machine which prevents suffering and saves lives. The Jungle Doctor not only has to look out for the needs of his sick patients but he also has to keep an eye out for his staff. There is a poisoner on the loose and they are all in danger as Dawa, the witchdoctor has vengeance on his mind.

    Jungle Doctor becomes ill himself and has to rest and then recover by travelling to another part of Tanganika. Mboga, his assistant tries to be helpful but often with rather disastrous but sometimes amusing results.